Fulfillment Policy


Our commitment is to provide prompt and efficient fulfillment of our digital services and content:


  1. Access to Digital Content: Upon purchase, clients will receive immediate access to digital content such as downloadable materials, online courses, and webinars. 


  1. Scheduling for Services: For services requiring scheduling, such as coaching sessions, we will contact you with an automated email within 24 hours of purchase to arrange a suitable time.If for any reason you have difficulty receiving emails from us, be sure to contact us at [email protected] or via telephone at 


  1. Delivery of Customized Services: For personalized services, an estimated timeline for delivery will be provided during the initial consultation or session as we take into account the client’s schedule and availability.


  1. Client Responsibilities: Clients are responsible for providing accurate contact information and ensuring they can receive emails from our domain.


  1. Technical Issues: In the event of technical difficulties accessing digital content, please contact us for assistance. We aim to resolve any issue within our control promptly.


  1. Updates and Notifications: We will keep you informed of any changes or updates regarding your purchased services or content.


Cancellation Policy


We understand that schedules can change and unforeseen circumstances occur. However, to ensure the effectiveness of our programs and respect for all parties involved, we adhere to the following cancellation policy:


  1.  Notification Requirement: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. 


  1.  Late Cancellations: Sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance will result in you forfeiting your session. 


  1. No-Shows: Failure to show up for a scheduled session without prior notification will result in a charge of 100% of the session fee.


  1. Rescheduling: We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling requests, and this is subject to availability. 


  1. Refunds: Refunds for canceled sessions are not provided; however, credit may be applied to future sessions.


  1. Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy may be made at our discretion in cases of emergency or serious illness.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our policies to ensure smooth and efficient operation and service delivery.



Delivery and Refund Policy


We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. As providing our services involves the time and expertise of our coach Kavita Singh, the following delivery policy applies to all our services:


  1. Service Delivery: Services are delivered through a combination of personalized coaching, digital content and text/voice messaging. Access to digital content is granted immediately upon purchase.


  1. Session Scheduling: Coaching sessions are scheduled in advance at mutually agreed times between the client and the coach/mentor.


  1. Digital Content Access: Clients will have access to any relevant digital content for the duration of their coaching program. 


  1. Changes in Delivery: Should there be any significant changes to the delivery format or schedule, clients will be notified in advance and provided with alternative options.


  1. Client Responsibilities: Clients are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary technology and internet access to participate in online sessions and to access digital content. Support is provided for if there is difficulty accessing your client or community portal. Our email address is [email protected] or use the telephone number 954-393-0404. Instant messaging is also encouraged via Facebook Messenger http://m.me/kavitasinghtoday 


  1. Feedback and Adjustments: We encourage feedback to continuously improve the delivery of our services.




Return Policy


We are dedicated to providing high-quality digital services and content. Due to the nature of our digital offerings, we adhere to the following return policy:


  1. Digital Content: All sales of digital content, including online courses, downloadable materials, and webinars, are final. We do not offer refunds on digital content once it has been accessed or downloaded.


  1. Coaching Services: Given the time and customization involved in our coaching services, we do not offer refunds once a coaching session has been completed. If you are dissatisfied with a coaching session, please contact us within 24 hours to discuss potential resolutions.


  1. Subscription Services: For ongoing subscription services, you may cancel your subscription at any time so that you will not be billed for the new period. However, refunds are not provided for the unused portion of the subscription period.


  1. Exceptional Circumstances: We understand that exceptional circumstances may occur. In such cases, refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.


We encourage clients to carefully review the descriptions and previews of our digital content and services to ensure they meet your needs before purchase and also book a call here as needed to clarify any concerns before purchasing. This link is also found on the webpage.

Secure Payment Processing

We are proud to announce that we are PCI Compliant. This means we adhere to the highest standards of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to protect your payment information. These web pages are created via Kajabi.

- Secure Transactions: All payment transactions are encrypted and processed through secure channels.
- Data Protection: We do not store sensitive payment information on our servers.
- Continuous Monitoring: Our systems are regularly updated and monitored to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity.

Rest assured, your payment information is handled with utmost care and security, allowing you to focus on your personal and business transformation without concern.

We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards via Stripe.

If you wish to know more about each card please click on the hyperlinks of their respective names.


Updated: December, 2023